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You know you chose the right caterer when people are still commenting on how amazing the wedding food was weeks later! All caterers are not created equal, but you will not be disappointed with Spoonfed Catering… Highly recommend! 

Catering Services.

Full Service
Our party planners will meet with you to design an event sure to delight. From custom menus and bar selections to party rentals and decor, service style and swag bags, our team will ensure a unique experience for your guests!
Set Up Catering
This service includes delivery and set up of our signature grazing table and buffets. Using our unique serving pieces and organic elements (flowering kale, fresh greens, herbs and flowers) your table will be waiting to delight your guests! Simple heating instructions will be provided where applicable. All serving pieces must be returned CLEAN. A $200 deposit for serving pieces will be returned upon receipt.
Pick Up Catering
Spoonfed Kitchen has specific menus for easy home entertaining! We can help you with our signature quiches and breakfast pastries, our appetizers, fresh salads and sides, party trays, cakes and desserts. We are here to help! These menu items will be displayed on black disposable bowls, trays and foil pans, garnished and ready to serve. Simple heating instructions will be provided where applicable. (Delivery may be available on a first come, first serve basis. $500 minimum.)

Service Styles


Guests are served their pre-selected entree and sides.  Our plated service requires the most staff to ensure your guests are served efficiently. We will also need a staging area and workspace to accommodate.

Things to consider:

  • Plated service requires a bit of administration on your part to request and deliver your guests’ menu selections.
  • You’ll  work with your planner and Spoonfed to create place cards (or some such) to communicate your guest’s choices. We’ll take care of the rest!
  • Although you’ll need additional servers to execute, there is minimal food waste and often lower food costs.
Family Style

Invites seated guests to share and pass garnished platters of food around the table. Your guests are still able to select exactly what they want from the comfort of their seat!  Family style fosters camaraderie among your people as they help to serve those around them. This style of service requires less staff than plated service, yet is refined in its efficiency. Our staff serves each table all courses at once so there is no delay with any of the menu. 

Things to consider:

  • You will need extra room on the table to accommodate platters and bowls. Keep this in mind when planning floral arrangements and decor. There are great wide farm tables available to rent that are perfect for family style!
  • We often serve hot sides (individual potato gratins, mac + cheese or etc.) butler style to eliminate the need for guests to serve or pass hot dishes. You will need to rent individual ramekins.

Similar to Buffets in that your guests will be wowed by the presentation. Different in that Stations are a bit more playful….leaning into a Cocktail Party vibe. Whether you choose from our Classic stations or have a bit more fun with Tacos, Pokes and Pasta, stations really bring the party!

Things to consider:

  • We recommend 2-3 stations. More stations would require more food. We have to make sure there is enough of each menu item for all guests- we don’t like wasting food! You can consider Two stations and maybe a couple of passed heartier dishes? Think passed Chicken Lo Mein, Mac + Cheese or our signature Shrimp and Grits.
  • You will need to provide enough plates, flatware and napkins for each station. Clean plates for everyone! (At least one 8" plate per person, plan accordingly)
  • Each Station will need to include at least one staff member for buffet maintenance, service and guest assistance.

Spoonfed Kitchen Buffets are beautifully presented on our unique serving pieces with our signature flowering kale, seasonal flowers and greenery…. A feast for the eyes!  A buffet invites guests to choose from an abundance of seasonal entrees, salads and sides- the whole menu is in front of them!

With the help of our staff, everyone leaves a buffet with just what they want! 

Things to consider: 

  • More than 150 guests? You may want to add an additional identical buffet.
  • A buffet is the most economical way of entertaining a group. 

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