Spoonfed Kitchen founders Kim & Matt Lennert have been cooking, entertaining and celebrating life together since 1990. 

In 1999, the couple founded Moveable Feast, a popular café and catering company located in Geneva, IL, which they sold in 2011. Moveable Feast remains in business today, owned and operated by former employees of the Lennert’s.

In 2006, the couple was joined by daughter Elizabeth (AKA Tizzy), who’s been an eager collaborator in their adventures since day one. 

With family connections in town and a shared lifelong desire to live near the ocean, Matt, Kim & Tizzy relocated to Wilmington to launch their next food venture, Spoonfed Kitchen & Bake Shop. 

Driven to Wilmington for the great lifestyle they'd experienced on visits to town, it was only natural that Matt & Kim start visioning foods that would nourish them for active days on the beach and in the water. And so, the Spoonfed mission was clear: to create wholesome, delightful food to #feedyourlifestyle. 
Wholesome • Delightful • Food

The Spoonfed Way

Wholesome and Delightful Food 

In the kitchen, Wholesome & Delightful is our mantra. To us, wholesome food is always made by hand from fresh ingredients to nourish your body. Delightful food is cooked and seasoned to perfection, is fresh and colorful and enchanting to the senses. We strive to create wholesome, delightful food every day. 

Enlightened Hospitality 

We love to show hospitality on every level, from offering a simple treat and cup of fresh brewed coffee to throwing out all the stops and showing honored guests the night of their lives and everything in between. Spoonfed Kitchen is here to take care of you and your guests so you can focus on sharing precious time together. 

Collaborative Cooperation 

We love working with like-minded people who care deeply about the integrity of the ingredients they grown and foods they create. We are proud to collaborate with Kyle at Humble Roots Farm, Mike at Terra Vita and Dale & Sharon at Hilltop Black Angus, to name a few. 

Selfless Awareness 

We remain vigilant for opportunities to be of service, offer hospitality or delight a guest with that extra little something. As a team, we help each other and build one another up in an environment that encourages growth mindset and personal development, secure in the knowledge that the better we are as individuals, the better we can serve the team and our guests. We look for ways to be of service in our community, to our country and to the Earth. 

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